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In Close Range Gunfighting, Gabe Suarez, the most controversial trainer on the planet, showed you that traditional range training can get you killed.  He showed the basics of how to break out of the range mentality. In doing so he challenged the status quo like no one before and changed the way gunfighting is taught in America.

In Advanced Close Range Gunfighting, he shows you the rest of the material.  Very fast-paced and full of full-speed concealed carry shooting action, this DVD will have you doing things most people think are impossible.  Gabe shows the benefits of Appendix Carry, Ambidextrous Gunfighting, Weapon Transfers and why it is important you know how to do them, Enhanced Get Off The X Footwork, and an important discussion on the Elements of the Combative Technique of the Pistol. This DVD will move the art of gunfighting another giant leap forward.


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Here is viewers had to say:

"I am putting down a few of my impressions of the Advanced Close-Range Gunfighting DVD. First I would like to say that I have little to no formal gun school training and although I probably have some bad shooting habits, I am blissfully free of any Modern Technique dogma.

While I recognize this, I must also say how much Gabe's material seems, at least to me, to be absolutely natural and just good common sense. Gabe's mastery of the material, his surety of presentation and his overall confidence certainly help to reinforce this perception. That being said, I do understand that the ease of understanding and digesting the material does not mean that one has acquired the presented skills sets. At times, at least at this point in my learning curve, that seems quite daunting but as Gabe makes very clear in the introduction '.. It's Possible If You Put In The Time.. '

The beginning of the presentation covers core material which is often discussed at WT: The OODA loop, Getting off the X, the Combat draw and the Continuum of Fire from Pointed to Sighted Shooting. From there the DVD moves into the meatier aspects of the material which are; Developing Ambidextrous use of the Pistol and Learning and Incorporating the Pekiti Take Off into the Appendix Draw.

As I said in a previous post Gabe's mastery and speed while doing these things is mind blowing and there were several times that I simply thought 'Holy @#$&! I don't want to ever get in a gunfight with that guy.... '. The live fire pekiti take off stuff is mind blowing - Gabe is so fast.

From there Gabe discusses Ready Positions and Defending from the Sul Position which I also found very interesting.....Frankly he just makes it look easy.

The end of the DVD covers the problem of Corridors or being stuck in the 'Fatal Funnel' and from this he makes the most out of a very bad situation".

Overall, I was impressed by the simplicity of the material and the fact that nearly all the training can be accomplished using only an airsoft pistol, a little space, something to make an X and a target. Therefore there's no excuses. As I said before, the material is equally encouraging and daunting ....... Perhaps this is the beginning of wisdom."

"Gabe, I ordered the Advanced Close-Range Gunfighting DVD and it had life changing teaching techniques. I learned of your material after I signed up for your e-mail material that is sent to me.

I have been to several defensive handgun courses and I was ready for what you had to teach. What I have learned is very good, but, I also realized after getting down all the procedures I have been taught, that there was some holes in what I have been taught. Life isn't fair and a gunfight will not be done in a fair way, as each person is trying to survive.

I will be watching this DVD many times to get down some of the new material. I am not what you would call a spring chicken as I near the age of 70. But, I keep in good physical and mental condition and on top of life as much as possible. And, I welcome new techniques and ways to survive.
I am also an NRA pistol instructor and I must say that some of the things that they teach is nonsense as you pointed out in the DVD. But, it is what it is and I make the best of my teaching skills. But, your added knowledge will keep one alive where some of the other stuff will get you killed trying to get in the proper form.
Thanks for the DVD and I will be purchasing more of your material soon, but, I must get this new material down before I order some more.
Madison, Alabama

"Hi Gabe,
I just finished watching the Advanced Close Range Gunfighting DVD.
Your adaptations of the FMA footwork and Jim Keating's bowie technique make me wonder why the heck I didn't think of that. It flows really well for you, especially with the appendix draw. I trained with Jim at Hell's Canyon this year, so I'm familiar with the body movement. This is going to be interesting to work out with a pistol.
I wanted to ask you about your appendix holster; what are you using? Where do I find it? I've carried a J frame that way before, but I never thought it would fly with a Glock. It seems feasible when you do it.
Also, is that a stock Glock 17 in the video? You have great split times in the demos.
Your students in the forum are right about one thing; you are going to make some "gun gurus" howl with this one.
Best Regards,

"You have always taught the truth (as long as I have been reading) and that has always been weighed against my professional experiences, so I know your words to be true. In these days of post 9-11 ninja commando training schools with instructors who policed for about 6 months or worse trained at instructor so and so's school who actually does have actual combat/trigger time your words of wisdom are hugely welcomed like water to the parched. In fact many of your training points have been put into practice here at my department by myself and other instructors who get it.
Again, thanks for the unvarnished truth in varnished times!


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