Beating The Reaper !! -  Vol 1 - Trauma Medicine For The CCW Operator

Beating The Reaper !! - Vol 1 - Trauma Medicine For The CCW Operator

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Vol. 1: Trauma Medicine for the CCW Operator




“First, do no harm.” This is considered the “First Rule of Medicine”. If you can help someone, please do so. However, the last thing you want to do is something that will actually harm the person. This fear of hurting someone often interferes with treatment, because the helper simply has never learned what to do in such a situation. They want to help, but innately understand that they do not want to harm accidentally. They are following the “First Rule of Medicine”, without even having learned it. Wouldn’t it be better if they learned how to help, instead? That is the goal of this book. Remove the fear, and replace it with training, skills and confidence.


The authors of this book brought a wide range of experience to this project.


“Sua Sponte” is the nom de guerre of an active duty military Special Operations medic who cannot yet reveal his true name for operational reasons. He has extensive experience treating our military members overseas in adverse circumstances and environments. Between the two of them, they bring together a combination of civilian, military, law enforcement, hospital, and out-of-hospital perspectives.

Dr. John Meade has been a board-certified Emergency Physician for over 20 years. He is an EMS medical director, an instructor of Tactical Medics for SWAT teams, and a reserve police officer on a SWAT team.


This book is directed toward the “Average Joe” who may have never even taken a first aid class, and certainly doesn’t consider himself to be a medically trained special operator. Instead, he is someone who realizes that, just as with his shooting skills, he needs to have skill to help save someone’s life, perhaps his own, in the aftermath of shooting or other traumatic event. We call that man the “CCW Operator”. He doesn’t have a team medic nearby. He must show the same self-reliance that got him through the initial incident.


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