Brent Yamamoto


A life-long shooter and experienced martial arts instructor, Brent Yamamoto is one of SI's staff instructors in Washington.

With over 30 years training in several martial disciplines, Brent's concentration is the seamless integration of hand-to-hand and firearms skills. Striving to be a complete fighter, you need more than just a collection of different techniques; you need an integrated method of training and fighting. Brent is a strong believer in SI's method and curriculum because it provides students with the skills to deal with threats from all ranges…everything from bad-breath distance to as far as your .308 can reach.

Learn the skills, because those are necessary. Master the fundamentals, because they will polish your skills. Understand and embody the concepts, and you will apply the skills appropriately. Mastering these things will turn a good fighter into a great one.

With a little understanding and a lot of hard work, you can accomplish amazing things.

I'm pretty sure that Chuck Norris wears Brent Yamamoto pajamas.
   - "SP", SI student

Traded punches/strikes with Brent Yamamoto today. I have not been hit with this kind of force in a long, long time.  I have a lot to learn about power. I outweigh him by at least 30lbs, and he let me straight punch him full force in the solar plexus. He shrugged it off like nothing.  This is a big deal.
   - Jim Beaumont, Martial Artist and Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Brent Yamamoto [is] doing some amazing stuff.  Stuff that harkens back to the legends I heard as a wee beginner.  It’s not mystical.  It is structure.  Applying bone rather than muscle…the things that the internal stylists talk about, but [he] can apply them moving and even fighting, something I have seen rarely in internal stylists.
And [he] can teach.  Things that the instructors in the eighties pretended to know.
   - Rory Miller, author of Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real World Violence

Last year, Brent led a seminar that many participants thought was one of the best they had ever attended.  Considering the seminars we’ve hosted, this was high praise indeed. The material Brent presents is guaranteed to be a game changer. Train with him if you get the chance.  It will take your martial arts to another level.
   - Eric Parsons, Goju-Ryu Karate instructor and frequent seminar host

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