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By Gabriel Suarez

This book is a compilation of various articles and essays I wrote for our online newsletter, The Warrior News. This was begun in 2000 as a compliment to our training courses and contained a multitude of pertinent subjects for our readership including weapons discussions, tactics, a little politics, and of course a section devoted to spiritual development titled Christian Warrior.

One might ask why something called Christian Warrior was even necessary. Or that the two words simply do not go together. That is a common misunderstanding in many churches today. We address that and many other misconceptions and even some total lies told from the pulpits of America.You will see when you read the text.

First of all I must point out that I am no pastor or reverend. I have never been to seminary, or bible school, and I flunked Religious Studies in high school. I am but an interested sinner who met God one night on stroll through the valley of the shadow of death. I have been carrying my cross and following Him ever since. Here is a story of what came of that meeting, the subsequent walk and what I have learned along the way.

  • Copyright 2007
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Reader's Comments

The Christian Warrior book is actually full of even more worth than the Gunfighting DVD. It is full of things I wish I had been the author of, as well as salient quotes and rational explinations of what your bible REALLY says about defending yourself & your family, defending your religion and what being a true "Christian" really means.

I remember my annoyance a decade or more ago when a spec ops guy, (friend of R.K.Brown & John Donovan, was down in Nicaragua during the same interval Mike Echanis was, etc, etc), said that "Buddhism is the ONLY religion suited to a warrior."

If I had read The Christian Warrior, known about the Siege of Malta, Battle of Lepanto, Charlemane/Roland/El Cid, etc., I would have been able to refute THAT silly statement from an otherwise thoughtful, widely experienced, and VERY physically competent man I had previously had more respect for.

By having the examples and words to "defend my faith" and not suffer fools, (or at least, "foolish statements"), gladly, I would feel better about myself today... This is an extremely important book that will straighten out alot of muddle-headed, poor excuses for "thinking"..It will also help prepare you for "the day" and whatever trials THAT brings, even better than Gabe's excellent DVDs on the pistol.

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