Cominolli Custom Frame Mounted Safety Kit For Glock

Cominolli Custom Frame Mounted Safety Kit For Glock


Delivery June 2020


Manually engaged safety lever provides an extra level of security and safety for Glock pistols.  An essential accessory for the PDW Application. Blocks trigger movement, allows the slide to be cycled and pistol loaded or unloaded with the safety on. Operates easily with your right-hand thumb, just like a 1911. Contact pad is easy to engage, yet won’t interfere with holster fit. All Glock passive safeties continue to function normally. Gunsmith installation is recommended.

  • SPECS: Thumb Safety - Plastic trigger housing, black. Steel parts, black thumb pad. Pad - ½" (12.7mm) long, ¼" (6.35mm) wide. Includes instructions, replacement trigger housing, plus thumb lever, detent pressure plate, spring and trigger bar guide. Fits all models except Models 36,42 & 43.
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