Craig Flaherty

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Craig Flaherty has been a Staff Instructor for Suarez International in Ohio since 2007. Craig brings his experience of three decades of military and law enforcement to his students, mixing in a dose of humor to make the training experience beneficial and interesting to all students regardless of experience level.

"Although I have experience with this rifle system and activity, I learned much and was challenged by the curriculum. Craig was a skilled instructor and a patient professional in addition to having a wit I can appreciate. My classmates were supportive, fun, focused, and capable. AR15/M4 Rifle Gunfighting 4-30-11 and 5-1-11."
-Bellevue, MI –Warrior Talk Post by dufus686

"I am a CCW Instructor, and RSO here in Cbus. I thoroughly enjoyed Craig's teaching style. In addition to being a very knowledgeable guy, he's funny! I am happy to say that I learned quite a bit from Craig...even something as simple as the way I have always done a proactive/reactive mag change! One small adjustment made all the sense in the world, and will forever adopt it into my daily shooting habits."
-CRG in Columbus, Ohio Warrior Talk Post by Eris Wolford

"Craig's experience teaching comes through in the ways he interacts with students and keeps them motivated and he used his real world experiences to illustrate the relevancy of what we were learning."
Warrior Talk post by Valian CRG in Nelsonville Ohio

"I was very pleased with Craig and the way he taught. He took the time to teach techniques correctly since I was the youngest and most inexperienced fo the group. This class was very basic which I would highly reccommend for the new shooter. I learned proper grip, draw, sight picture, and shooting."
Warrior Talk Post by Flyer47-Defensive Pistol West Jefferson, Ohio

Craig Instructs several courses to include basic and intermediate pistol and rifle courses and is well versed in combatives as well as tactics to include Close Quarters Battle.

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