CRG-3: Advanced Gunfighting - Nov 2-3, 2019 - Mapleton, OR

CRG-3: Advanced Gunfighting - Nov 2-3, 2019 - Mapleton, OR

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Ted Demosthenes and Brent Yamamoto
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November 2-3, 2019
Mapleton, OR
Instructor: Ted Demosthenes and Brent Yamamoto

This course is pure shooting at all ranges. We will spend the morning of the first day polishing up our pistol shooting fundamentals and then spend the remainder of the weekend taking our skills to higher levels. This is a physically demanding course that builds upon what you have already trained in other pistol classes. Course material includes methods for increasing speed and accuracy.

In this class, we will do some long range shooting . . . like 75 yards and 100 yards! We will teach you to hit at all possible distances. We will also point shoot from belly to belly distance, while ignoring the use of sights both station stationary, on the move and on the run. We will study the various Threat-Focused Point Shooting systems (Point Shooting) as well as Sight-Focused Shooting Systems and their seamless integration and applications in a total Close Range Gunfighting program. Included in this class will be the concepts and employment of personal defensive weapons (PDWs) and pistol optics systems. We will shoot from field expedient positions (including one handed, behind cover, etc.). We'll examine special problems such as confined area shooting, shooting in crowded environments and other difficult problems. All attendees should have a high level of skill and a reflexive understanding of safety measures.

There is little or no lecturing and the majority of the time is trigger time. Come join us in this exciting and cutting edge training event!


DURATION: 2 days TIME: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
AMMUNITION: Approximately 500 rounds (Minimum)

Modern defensive pistol and a holster specifically made for that pistol and designed to be worn on the belt. Three (3) magazines and magazine pouch, a belt of the same width as the belt loops for the holster and magazine pouches, and range safety gear (eye protection, and ear protection).

Also Helpful
Bring spare clothing appropriate for the weather, including a hat, sunscreen, and bug repellent. Plan to bring lunch, snacks, and water (min 1 gallon per person) for the entire day unless driving to lunch is a viable option from the range location. Bring allergy medication (if needed), a chair (if you prefer), note taking supplies, and a boo boo kit (band aids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and tape). You may wish to bring pads such as knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves if the class lends itself to that.


 The Tactical Toolbox Training Facility
11096 East Mapleton Road
Mapleton, OR 97453


From Eugene, I5 Corridor:
* Heading South on I5, exit 195 to Randy Pape Beltline
* Heading North on I5, exit 195A to Randy Pape Beltline
* Follow Beltline approximately 6 miles to West 11th / Hwy 126.
* Beltline dead ends into West 11th / Hwy 126
* Right turn onto W. 11th / Hwy 126
* Follow Hwy 126 approximately 41 miles to intersection of E. Mapleton Road with Hwy 126.
* Right turn onto E. Mapleton Road. If you cross the big bridge over the Siuslaw River, you have gone too far. You will immediately pass a school on E. Mapleton Road, so you will very easily know you are on the right road if you do.
* Quarry entrance is exactly 1 mile from entry onto E. Mapleton Road, slight right turn onto paved access road heading steeply up quarry hill. Signs for class will be posted.

From Florence, Hwy 101:
* At Florence City 9th Street / Hwy 126 intersection with Hwy 101, turn onto Hwy 126 headed east (inland).
* Follow Hwy 126 approximately 15 miles and hang a right turn onto the Siuslaw River Bridge in Mapleton. This is still Hwy 126.
* Immediately following crossing the Siuslaw River Bridge, take the first left turn. This East Mapleton Road.
* On East Mapleton Road you will immediately pass a school, so you will very easily know you are on the right road if you do.
* Quarry entrance is exactly 1 mile from entry onto E. Mapleton Road, slight right turn onto paved access road heading steeply up quarry hill. Signs for class will be posted.

Tactical Toolbox Gun Shop:
The gun shop is 0.6 miles beyond the entrance to the quarry. This is a left turn into a driveway at 11301 and 11305 E. Mapleton Road. There is a sign at the entrance to the drive way. This is a rural residential area and the shop is slightly hidden from view. We are friendly and will direct you to the shop... and the coffee... and the world famous home made biscotti. 


Best Western Pier Point Inn
85625 Hwy 101
Florence, OR 97439
24 minutes from range.

Economy Inn Florence
3829 Hwy 101
Florence, OR 97439
25 minutes from range. 



The closest physical address is The Tactical Toolbox. Follow driving directions for the range. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring their PDWs and optics-equipped pistols along with their current carry or duty pistols.

Bring lunch, water, and snacks. Those interested in camping nearby contact Sam McAllister at The Tactical Tool Box, 541-268-1974.

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