CRG-3: Advanced Gunfighting

This course is pure shooting at all ranges. We will spend the morning of the first day polishing up our pistol shooting fundamentals and then spend the remainder of the weekend taking our skills to higher levels. This is a physically demanding course that builds upon what you have already trained in other pistol classes. Course material includes methods for increasing speed and accuracy.

In this class, we will do some long range shooting . . . like 75 yards and 100 yards! We will teach you to hit at all possible distances. We will also point shoot from belly to belly distance, while ignoring the use of sights both station stationary, on the move and on the run. We will study the various Threat-Focused Point Shooting systems (Point Shooting) as well as Sight-Focused Shooting Systems and their seamless integration and applications in a total Close Range Gunfighting program. We will shoot from field expedient positions (including one handed, behind cover, etc.).

We'll examine special problems such as confined area shooting, shooting in crowded environments and other difficult problems. All attendees should have a high level of skill and a reflexive understanding of safety measures. There is little or no lecturing and the majority of the time is trigger time. Come join us in this exciting and cutting edge training event!

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