CRG-4: Force On Force Gunfighting


Force On Force is the single most 'eye opening' Suarez class you will take. Force On Force is a different animal. You learn about yourself; your thought process, your ability to problem solve QUICKLY. You learn what street gear is optimum and what is trash for gunfighting. You learn to point shoot naturally and quickly as you move with modern proven methods. You learn that if you do not move fast you get shot. You learn that if you do not upset an opponents thought process he will catch up and shoot you. It becomes evident that simple is faster, that fluidity and training are key and stagnation and ignorance are death.

What will you see and experience there? Instinctive, reactive shooting and moving.  No poses, stances, or artificiality brought in from the range.  Immediately, you will see what works...and what does not work. In an eye blink, you will see our Force On Force theme - In Ferro Veritas - an old swordsman's term meaning "In Steel We Learn The Truth". In other is all theory until you test it in the crucible of combat. And Force On Force is the closet we can get to it without bloodshed.

Come and join us and experience what we have said. Your training will never be the same again.

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