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Flat and Straight Trigger Installation

Flat and Straight Trigger Installation

For most users, all these trigger components are a drop-in fit. Regardless, our policy is that this trigger MUST be installed by a Glock Armorer or professional Glock Gunsmith. If you are not a skilled Glock Armorer, take it to someone who is. If you damage any of the parts attempting to improperly install it, we will not accept it back.

Always insure the pistol is unloaded and that there is no way to mistakenly load it while working or installing these components. This trigger is not recommended for novice shooters, untrained shooters, or anyone not familiar with standard gun safety practices.

Once the trigger has been installed, and you have made certain the pistol is unloaded, you must dry press and cycle the weapon several times to get an understanding of how this trigger system's ergonomics work and feel different than the factory Glock trigger.

Do not load a pistol equipped with this trigger without becoming familiar with these differences. As always, keep your finger off the trigger.

Changing springs and components may affect the dynamics and reliability of the trigger. We cannot guarantee, nor will we warranty our triggers to function reliably with any other company's components. As always, adhere to standard firearm safety practices and do not load a pistol equipped with this trigger without becoming familiar with these differences. Disassembly of the trigger will instantly void any warranty.

Suarez trigger closeup

Fitting Safety Tab If Needed: Our triggers work with most, but not all frames. Due to Glock's polymer manufacturing variances, some fitting of the safety tab may be required by a competent gunsmith on some frames. See the image below. The red marked area is where you would do the fitting if the safety tab is too long. The safety being too long is not the same as a failure to reset. If the safety tab is fine, but the trigger is not resetting, the other possible cause is the connector.

Fitting The Connector If Needed: Check the outward bend angle of the connector once installed. This is done by sliding a piece of paper between the connector and the top portion of the trigger mechanism housing. The paper should slide through with a little resistance. If the paper does not slide through then the connector needs to removed and bent out slightly.

If the installed connector fits too far inwards, the trigger may not reset. This is common on some Glocks. The connectors are modeled after the Glock 3.5 pound connectors, but there are slight variances in the polymer trigger mechanism housings which can affect the final connector angles. Please use the technique above to insure your connector bend angle is correct. If it is not, it can be manually bent outward from the trigger housing to achieve the correct fit.


RELEASE OF LIABILITY - In no event shall Suarez International be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, injury, or death whatsoever, arising out of the sale, resale, or connected with the use, misuse, or installation of its products and components. Any oral or other written statement by Suarez International employees or representatives DO NOT CONSTITUTE AN IMPLIED REPRESENTATION AND/OR LIABILITY OF ANY KIND, and shall not be relied upon by purchaser. The purchaser/user accepts all risk.


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