Greg Nichols


At age 11 I began going every Thursday evening to the local Isaac Walton League to shoot Trap competitions and rapidly began to out shoot the adults. At age 13 I earned my rifle and shotgun merit badges through the Boy Scouts of America. In 1993 I joined the United Naval Sea Cadet Corps where I had my first introductions with the M-16, the Colt 1911, and the M-60 and qualified as Expert with the rifle and pistol.

Advancing forward a few years to 1995 I was the victim of a near fatal shooting. This incident didn’t slow my enthusiasm for shooting or firearms, in fact it fueled my desire to learn all I could concerning the art of shooting and self defense. In 1996 I joined the U.S. Army as an MP. I easily qualified as an expert with the M-16, M-60, Beretta 92F or M-9, and the 870. Soon after getting to my unit I was recognized for my ability as a marksman as well as my ability to teach marksmanship. I tested and was accepted as the most junior member of the Special Reactions Team or S.R.T. I began to receive real training in dynamic movement and building clearing exercises. I had the opportunity to train with Springfield, IL. S.W.A.T. as well as KC Metro S.W.A.T. while they were using our facilities.

After leaving the military in 2004 I began doing private armed security and got my CCW permit. I decided to keep my skills sharp by competing in IPSC and three gun competitions as they add a level of stress with the timer and are far better exercise for keeping my skills sharp. I find this to be far more beneficial to my own confidence, muzzle awareness, shot placement and round accountability than the simple square range “plinking”. Due to the lack of instruction for CCW holders and martial civilians in IA. I became an NRA Certified Instructor but found that to be too PC and didn’t set up a person with the ability to win. I was forced to interject my own content to overcome the shortcomings in their curriculum and introduce more fight focused training. Then I found SI.

In June 2011 I participated in and received certificates of completion for: Suarez International, Advanced Close Range Gun Fighting and Zero to Five Feet Gun Fighting classes under the tutelage of Gabe Suarez and others.

SI is the straightest line to my goal of becoming a Subject Matter Expert in firearm instruction and to help our armed society become a safer and more competent society in relation to shooting, shooting sports, and defensive tactics with firearms. I believe I have found a home with the SI staff and Tribe overall due to our parallel mindsets concerning setting up the average CCW holder to win most any fight he or she may encounter.

I have been a special guest instructor for UCOIN (Urban Counter Insurgency) course at Naval Special Warfare Center, Camp Atterbury (2012, 2013, 2014).

Instructor- High Risk Operator Vehicle Combat

Education: in order of completion

  • Military Police School
  • IFPO Certified Protection Officer
  • Primary Leadership Development Course
  • NRA Certified, Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Certified, Defensive Pistol Inside the Home Instructor
  • Suarez International Point Shooting Progressions
  • Suarez International Advanced Close Range Gun Fighting
  • Suarez International 0 to 5 Feet: Pistol Gunfighting
  • Suarez International RMR Pistol class
  • Suarez International Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting
  • Suarez International RMR Pistol
  • Suarez International Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting
  • Suarez International M-4 Rifle Gunfighting
  • Suarez International Trauma Medicine for the Concealed Carry Operator (TMCO)
  • Suarez International Sub-Machine Gun


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