Guerrilla Sniper I

Following the concept of the Guerrilla Sniper, this course will focus on the use of optically sighted rifles as sniper/marksman rifles. We will examine various models of weapons as well as their suitability for the application. While we will focus to a degree on the AK Rifle and the Guerrilla Sniper application, you can bring any type of rifle you wish to class.

In this 3-day course, students will bring their sniper skills to high levels. We will begin with zeroing, range estimation, and hopefully getting first round hits to 600 yards. Much of the class will also deal with field movement and field shooting against single and multiple adversaries (targets), and target engagement from 50 to 500 yards. And that only covers the first two days. Then it's a day of "hands-on" practical work, planning/execution at actual "start to finish" missions. This course is a "must" for any serious student of the rifle!

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