GUERRILLA SNIPER II - Book By "Sua Sponte"

GUERRILLA SNIPER II - Book By "Sua Sponte"

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Guerrilla Sniper II is a thorough modern look at the role and tactics, as well as the equipment of the unsupported guerrilla sniper. It is written by warriortalk's "Sua Sponte*".
Sua Sponte is the nom de guerre of a US Military Operator whose assignment gives him both a great deal of operational experience in the topic of this book, but also the absolute need for anonymity. I have shot with Sua and he is not only a fine shot and exemplary warrior, but he is also well studied and articulate.
*The 75th Ranger Regiment uses Sua Sponte as their regimental motto, referring to the Rangers' ability to accomplish tasks with little to no prompting. That will give the reader some idea about who the author is and what his qualifications are to write this piece.  </div
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