HRO-2: Rural Patrolling II

In this class participants will be exposed to and practice more advanced elements of small unit patrolling tactics in a rural environment with a late night operations exercise (Immersion Style) on the night of Training Day 3 going into Day 4.

Some of the topics covered: (Day and Night):

  • Mission Planning (Defining your mission)
  • Individual Equipment Selection
  • Camouflage techniques
  • Pre-combat Inspections
  • Hand and Arm signals
  • Other Various Communications methods
  • BASIC land navigation techniques.
  • Traveling Methods
  • Crossing danger Areas
  • Security Halts
  • Rally Points
  • Hasty Defensive Positions
  • Offensive Formations
  • Ambush Methods
  • React to Ambush
  • Hide Sites
  • Reconnaissance
  • Raids
  • Detailed Mission Rehearsal
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