JD Lester

jd-lester.jpgJD Lester is our SI instructor based in the north central area of North Carolina. After 20 years of active service JD retired from the US Army in 2007; he pursued work as an independent defense contractor that landed him in Africa equipping and training a newly formed army. He began training with Gabe in 2008 and became a Staff Instructor in 2010. In addition to training with Suarez International, JD is a graduate of multiple military courses and is also an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He is a highly skilled instructor and meticulous when it comes to planning and executing training: drawing from countless training operations and experience in Somalia, Haiti, Operation Iraqi Freedom I, II and III; as well as his work in West Africa. JD is well versed in the use of US and foreign light infantry weapons systems and small unit tactics.

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