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Jeromy Hasenkamp

Jeromy Hasenkamp

Jeromy Hasenkamp BIO Pic

"Kamp" has been a Suarez International Staff Instructor since 2014 and has been teaching firearms since 2001. Since 2010 Kamp has been an adjunct instructor for Ultimate Training Munitions Reality Based Training (UTM RBT) and is certified to teach their (NLTA) Non-Lethal Training Ammunition / Force on Force (FOF), Tactics, Edged Weapons Defense, and Active Shooter to Law Enforcement. He has attended other training schools' Rifle/Pistol Instructor Program and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Instructor School, is Certified in Blauer Tactical Systems S.P.E.A.R. Coach (Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response) and is also a Personal Defense Readiness Coach. He currently resides with his family in the Pacific Northwest.

He is employed as a police officer and served on an active swat team for 10 years. "Kamp" has held team assignments on the Entry/Assaulter, Inner Perimeter (Sniper) team and also holds certifications or instructor certifications in Active Shooter, Rope/Rappel, Master Taser, Explosive Breacher, Defensive Tactics, Patrol Tactics, and is one of approximately 25 Force Science Specialists. "Kamp" has also served as a DT instructor, Patrol Tactics Instructor, Pistol Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, use of force instructor and Rifle Instructor for his department.

"Kamp" came to Suarez International looking for realistic, holistic and "outside the box" firearms training. He found it and decided to help bring the Suarez International Doctrine to the masses. "Kamp" teaches in the Pacific Northwest and will travel for those looking to host Suarez International Courses.

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