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John Chambers

John Chambers

john-chambers.jpgJohn Chambers has been a Suarez International Staff Instructor since 2008 and certified to teach the Suarez International knife, handgun, long gun, and CQB methodologies. Additionally, John is the instructor for the M4 Sniper/DMR classes and is the Suarez International AR15 training program manager. His lifetime study of combat rifles and experience with foreign weapons led him to make an extensive study of the use of the bullpup rifle and to develop the material that he presented in the Infidel Media Group video presentation “Bullpup Rifle Gunfighting.”

John’s background is varied. He has extensive experience in combatives, small unit tactics, CQB, reconnaissance, and long range marksmanship courtesy of the US Army. On the civilian side, he has been an active competitive shooter and hunter and has also trained in a variety of combative and blade disciplines.

Based in Central Texas, John brings the full Suarez course material to Texas and will travel anywhere in the country to teach the M4 Sniper /DMR course or other courses as needed. As a Staff Instructor, John takes great pleasure in making his students as dangerous with a blade or handgun at five feet as they are with a precision rifle at 500 meters!


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