Jonathan Payne

jon-payne-1.jpgJon Payne is one of our Suarez International Ambassadors for the state of Texas and a rising star in the Suarez International Training Branch. Jon began training with Suarez International in 2009 and selected as a Staff Instructor in 2010. While Jon is well known for his long range pistol skills; Jon is qualified to teach the majority of the courses offered by Suarez International and is just as proficient with a rifle as he is a handgun. Jon’s classes are taught in Houston and Orange TX.

Jon’s training and teaching are based on what he has experienced as a USAF Security Policeman, USAF Combat Arms Instructor, Air Base Defense Team Member, Corrections Officer, and Texas Peace Officer. When he is not teaching or handling other assignments for the Suarez Group of Companies, Jon is a Support Division Deputy for a Southeast Texas Sheriff’s Office.

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