SGF-1: Shotgun Gunfighting

The shotgun is the best CQB weapon in existence today. This dynamic class presents a reality based, aggressive, close quarters combative method of deploying the shotgun. Most shotgun schools spend a great deal of time discussing modifications and additions to the shotgun, or try to turn this CQB weapon into some sort of a rifle.

Such is happily NOT the case in SHOTGUN GUNFIGHTING! In this class you will learn what the shotgun is really for, and perhaps as important, learn the weapon's limitations. After a brief overview of the fundamentals and a skill check, we progress quickly to advanced reality-based drills. This is the Shotgun version of Close Range Gunfighting. All of its done on the move! Whether you are a private citizen, a police officer, or a soldier - if you rely on a shotgun for self-protection, this course is essential.

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