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Shawn Pappas has been a police officer since 1994. He has been involved in training since 1998. He is certified in all high liability topics in the state of Florida, as well as numerous advanced subjects. For more than seven years he was an undercover detective where he conducted all manner of tactical and strategic operations. This assignment gave him insight and perspective on carrying concealed weapons in long term undercover work. He was part of a tactical team that served hundreds of search warrants, conducted buy-bust operations, surveillance, wire taps, vehicle take-downs, etc. As part of this team, he most often occupied the point position or was utilized as a breacher. Shawn has taught Active Shooter response and tactical drug operations throughout the southeastern United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

After several violent encounters, Shawn began to realize that his traditional, proactive and static academy training had little to do with the reality of the reactive situations he was encountering on the street. Whether training new officers or deputies, or developing firearms curriculum, he began to question the established techniques and the methods used to teach them. During his search for a better way, he discovered Gabe Suarez' book The Tactical Rifle in 1999. Since then he has embraced the concepts that SI has developed, which has helped him constantly refine how he teaches. In 2015 Shawn had the opportunity to train with Gabriel Suarez. Shawn looks forward to training and learning in a more civilian oriented atmosphere.

Currently, Shawn supervises the training unit of a large sheriff's office in Florida. As an avid bagpiper, he can be seen at numerous memorials, graduations, civic events and far too many funerals in west central Florida. He is married and has two children.

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