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Suarez Affiliate Program

Suarez Affiliate Program

Our Suarez Affiliate program is a grass roots movement to promote the Suarez International methods and to provide local venues, training opportunities to local markets.

The program begins with certification in the Suarez training methods at various levels ranging from basic to advanced, and specialties. Certification involves attending a training course, learning the material, and passing a proficiency evaluation. A Level 1 Certificate - for example, potentially certifies an attendee to teach the material in Defensive Pistol Marksmanship, Close Range Gunfighting, Basic Force On Force, and Combat Fit.

Once certified by Suarez International, the graduate can teach the material they have been certified for and use those credentials on business cards, resumes, or website bio/qualifications type of page. They also have the opportunity to host other Suarez staff for additional training and business opportunities. That is the extent of what they have access to unless they affiliate.

The next step is "Affiliate". A Suarez International Affiliate has:

  • Legal use of the Suarez International name, logo, and promotional materials for marketing their training.
  • Access to a private discussion board for affiliates.
  • Access to the Suarez International Forum - Warrior Talk for marketing purposes.
  • Promotion of their business from the various Online Venues operated by Suarez International.
  • Business Support from Suarez HQ and the Affiliate network via various methods.
  • In addition, we hold a yearly Affiliate Conference, where we build our collective brand and businesses.

What is the cost of Affiliation?

Affiliation price is based on a sliding scale that allows affiliates to begin running their business profitably at relatively low costs.

What is the Affiliation process?

Potential affiliates must have their Level 1 Certificate before being accepted as affiliates. Once that has been achieved, they should contact us to proceed with affiliation. This is not a "franchise". Suarez International Affiliates are a licensed community of students and instructors affiliated together and with Suarez International, Inc. for mutual benefit in the industry. Business being business, there is a contract that specifies everyone's rights and what is expected of each of us.

Once accepted, and contracted, Affiliates will need the following:

1) They will need a website

We have a web developer that we use and will be happy to introduce to the affiliate for site development and necessary parameters. Their web presence illustrates their professionalism, as well as ours, and taking the cheap route is never a good idea. We have affordable but professional resources that we can recommend.

2) A Training Venue

Affiliates do not need to own a range. We see the whole spectrum from people running "force on force" and "hand to hand" sessions out of industrial garages and backyards, to renting local ranges or private land for live fire shooting courses. It depends on the scope of their resources, focus, local limits, and ambitions. For example, an Affiliate living in New York City would have trouble teaching live fire courses due to venue shortages and legal limitations, but they could easily run hand to hand, fitness, or force on force programs.

3) Insurance

In order to complete their application for affiliation they must provide us proof of insurance. This includes liability insurance, and the naming of Suarez International, Inc., as an additional insured. We have a company that we use and we will provide that information upon certification.

What is the recommended equipment for starting out?

For force on force, maybe a half dozen airsoft masks and gas powered pistols. For live fire, most ranges have the necessary gear for the class to use. We will give them sources for targets and other necessities.

Are there limits to the number of affiliates in one town, city, state, region?

We do not plan to limit the number of affiliates in a given area, as long as it is large enough to support the number. Almost any city has enough people to support numerous prosperous trainers. Everything will be decided on a case by case basis.

Can a certified trainer use "Suarez International" legally without affiliating?

Certified (but not affiliated) instructors may call themselves Suarez International “certified” trainers.

They may list their Suarez International qualification on a business card, resume, or website bio/qualifications type of page... and nothing more.

They cannot use the Suarez International name, slogans, art work, photos, or content from the Suarez International sites in any other business or promotional way unless they affiliate. Only affiliation offers the legal right to use the Suarez International name for business and/or promotional purposes.

Can an Affiliate set his own rates for training?

Yes. There is no set amount they need to charge. But remember that Affiliates as any other professional, are offering a professional service and it deserves a professional rate. Cheapest, or a race to the bottom, is never a good business strategy. Each Affiliate should study their market to get a sense of how much is fair and realistic in their area.

Are there any additional costs or fees?

No. Affiliates keep all the money they make for teaching. Other than the cost of training for certification, and the yearly affiliate fees, there are no additional costs.

Can Affiliates host other trainers for courses?

Yes, they can host any Suarez International Instructor at their venue, as well as any Suarez Certification Course for various levels.

If they are already teaching some form of martial art, or fitness-based exercise method, they can of course keep doing that and even integrate it into the new training. They can even host non-Suarez trainers from other organizations as an individual entity (not as Suarez International). And yes, they can announce that via their available marketing resources.

But consider that whoever they host as an individual will be seen as associated with them and their company. Affiliates should be circumspect in those decisions as to whether that association will benefit them or not. Image and brand are everything.

To host a Certification Course or ask about Affiliation, please use the contact form below. Please include where you are located, and what you are interested in, and a little about yourself and goals!

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