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There are parts on your pistol that will wear out from use, either live fire or dry fire.  The two parts are the factory trigger bar and the factory striker.

All trigger bars on all after-market triggers are made by Glock and are stamped not milled. We looked at milling them but that would place the price beyond the reach of the market. The tolerances on trigger bars are all over the place and we even reject some as unfit for our use. We have seen that this part will wear specifically in the area that contacts the striker.

The other wear point is the leg on the factory MIM firing pin. The more contact, the safer it is...but also the longer break through the wall. The factory pin is a metal injection molded part which is a cost saving measure by Glock.  If the leg of the pin wears so that contact with the trigger bar is minimal, you will have a gun that will fire when its dropped no matter what trigger is installed. The MIM firing pin is a glaring weakness in many striker fired weapons.

The Suarez Trigger Trade-In is for customers and students of Suarez International to replace their worn parts, update, and tune up their trigger linkage.  It requires that you send us your worn trigger bar with our trigger installed.  When we receive your trigger, your tune up kit will ship that same day.

Once we receive your worn out trigger bar, we will send you the Suarez Trade-In Kit with the following items -

  • A new Suarez trigger and trigger bar that matches your returned worn out bar
  • An Orange Armorer Plate to inspect and verify contact on your trigger linkage
  • An optional Suarez CNC Striker for only $25 (Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 34, 35, 26, 27 only)
  • This is only for our parts.  We will not accept triggers from any other manufacturer as trade-in.