THE 13 PRECEPTS - A Book By Gabriel Suarez

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In 2018 I began a serious push to integrate martial art principles into the Gunfighting System that I was teaching. Those principles had always been there, but now I wanted to acknowledge them publicly and distinguish my system from the marksmanship, shooting range based, methods taught everywhere else. With the help of senior staff members we developed a series of pistol kata. We taught them publicly in class and published video of them. In essence planting our flag into an undiscovered country of “karate gunfighting”.

The national love affair with fear, communism and self-destruction derailed those plans for nearly two years.  But now we have taken up this project anew and produced this book.  The 13 Precepts of the Suarez System.

I realized that, like in karate, we needed to train the mind and not just the body to act reflexively and dare I say, “mindlessly”. To act mindlessly the body must be trained to the point, through repetition, where a conscious thought is not necessary to act upon a stimulus presented. That is what Kata is for in Karate. But to access a thought pattern instantly in that same manner, the mind must be thusly educated. You must, in the words of one of my early instructors, “Get Your Mind Right!” For many fighters…whether hand to hand or gun men..the physical skills are there, but the mental aspects are missing. Specially those dealing with the second fight, or the fight for legal justification. And it is in that mental and spiritual realm that the greatest growth takes place after physical skills have arrived.

I outline the 13 teaching points as chapters and lay out my thoughts and the background of the concepts.  These concepts are for fighting in life and death events...not for shaving a tenth of a second off your split time or showing a new way to speed load your AR.  We are teaching the make sure yours is open when you read.