With enhanced screening at Non-Permissive Environments the need exists for a dual use item that has legitimate purposes, but in an instant can be used as a weapon. 

The Scribe is an ideal combination of that concept.  As much as we wanted to engrave our name on it, we resisted doing so.  It is sterilized (no logo), for ideal discretion. Both pointed and rounded ends can be used for attacking soft or hard targets in the hands, neck, and head.  The Scribe is also quite capable of writing, and has a great writing grip.  We have taken this aboard overseas trips as well as in secured areas where all belongings were scanned.  And why not?  It is only a pen.

  • Unassuming in appearance, yet this is a seriously tough and damaging survival tool if needed.
  • Attractive and sleek-looking, it is perfect for the home or office as well as in the field for use as a pen or weapon.
  • The pen cap slides conveniently onto the opposite end when in the writing mode so as not to get lost.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum makes this rugged pen surprisingly strong, light weight and comfortable to use.
  • With a satin (matte) anodized finish, it measures 5 7/8 inches long, weighs 1.2 oz, has black ink and uses easy to find refills such as Parker Gel and Fisher Space.


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