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Training for Law Enforcement

Training for Law Enforcement


Many of our staff are current or former Law Enforcement Officers. We know firsthand the challenges American Law Enforcement faces everyday. To help you accomplish your very difficult mission safely and efficiently, we have created our LE Training Division. Our Law Enforcement courses are specifically designed for LE Officers and taught by current or former LE Officers. Whether for Counter Terrorist Units, SWAT, Undercover Narcotics Officers, or Uniformed Patrol, we have material that will be instrumental to insure your personal safety and enhance your mission in our modern difficult times.

Suarez International training has been approved for funding by US Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA. We are prepared to assist your agency in getting the funding necessary to make the training a reality. Please forward all requests for training to -

Gabriel Suarez


This class will prepare officers to prevail in planned and unplanned confrontations with their service handgun in all intervals of combat. Whether surprised in a reactive gunfight during a traffic stop at close range, or engaging an active shooter in a proactive engagement attending officers will leave with the skills and the confidence to handle these confrontations successfully.

We begin by polishing the basics to a high level. Both marksmanship as well as weapon manipulations are drilled and perfected. The objective is extreme accuracy in marksmanship to help insure neutralizing the threat while preventing collateral injury at all realistic distance intervals.

We study the nature and dynamics of unplanned encounters and teach the best methods of regaining the initiative by rapid engagement of adversaries on the move, moving off the line of fire, positioning tactics, and discussions of the important mental attitudes necessary for prevailing.

Each day will end with a debriefing session where any and all questions will be answered to the best of our knowledge and experience.

This course is suitable for the uniformed patrol officer, the undercover operator, as well members of special units to include CTU and SWAT.


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