Trauma Medicine

This revolutionary class is directed toward the Private Citizen who may have never even taken a first aid class and certainly doesn't consider himself to be a medically trained special operator.  Instead, he is someone who realizes that, just as with his shooting skills, he needs to have skill to help save someone's life, perhaps his own, in the aftermath of shooting or other traumatic events. We call that man the "CCW Operator". He doesn't have a trained medic nearby. He must show the same self-reliance that got him through the initial incident.

This will be a very thorough introduction to how to evaluate and treat gunshot wounds, stab wounds and other traumatic injuries. We will do a great deal of technical work to ingrain the correct skills and then work them extensively via practical training, including force on force exercises and live fire.  There has never before been training and information like this offered to the general public.

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