The Triquedra is our company logo.

The Triquedra (/traɪˈkwɛtrə/; Latin tri- "three" and quetrus "cornered") originally meant "triangle" and was used to refer to various three-cornered shapes. Also known as a "trinity knot" when parallel doubled-lines are in the graph, the design is used as a religious symbol by Christianity. In ministry study from a past life I learned that insurgent Christians would draw a half fish shape and another visiting insurgent would draw the other half.  Three "fish" created the Triquedra.

A totally western warrior symbol, depicting the Christian Trinity and encompassing the collective spirit of our warrior ancestors, modernized for the present.

Defiant, rebellious, with a bloody sword in a sweaty hand. An ever-present middle finger in the faces of our enemies, and a promise of righteous and holy violence to those who would do evil to the innocent saying, "Here we stand and you shall not pass!"

That is Suarez!

That is our tribe!


Charcoal black with crimson and grey design.  Ring spun cotton for a fitted athletic look and feel.  Extremely durable and able to withstand repeated washing.

4.3 oz 100% combed ring spun cotton

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