WOOX - Furiosa Chassis



The Furiosa merges performance with beauty and style and creates one of the best-crafted precision shooting chassis in the entire world. The Furiosa rifle chassis were introduce in 2020 and quickly gained a worldwide reputation for accuracy, reliability, and classic design. Furiosa is a "drop in" system: it does not require pillars or extra bedding.  The Furiosa is simply one of the best-crafted precision shooting chassis in the entire world. This high tech hybrid chassis combines wood sections over a super rigid aluminum sub-chassis, giving it the “feel” of a wood stock with the strength and rigidity of a metal stock. The WOOX Furiosa’s rear stock features an adjustable cheek rest, adjustable LOP and integrated flush cups.

The WOOX Furiosa chassis is a groundbreaking and high-performance aftermarket replacement for major manufacturer’s OEM rifle stocks. The Furiosa chassis is manufactured from the highest quality of parts, materials, and techniques in the world, which makes it at home both on the range and out in the great outdoors. 

The Furiosa gives the ability to increase accuracy by giving you a stock with a full-length aerospace skeleton to ensure incredible strength, rigidity, and stability.

Our metal rifle chassis will improve your gun’s accuracy by leaps and bounds over any factory stock. It will not only provide a much more solid bedding system, but aluminum stocks are not affected by things like humidity and temperature. A super-strong, solid system will keep your rifle as consistent as it possibly can be.

Our metal chassis provides much more versatility and allows shooters the ability to fit the chassis to their own personal style or size. This will make them much more comfortable and ultimately much more accurate.

Furiosa gives you the ability to make adjustments and allow a shooter to set up and fit the firearm exactly how it is needed. The more comfortable a shooter is, the more accurate their shots will be.

Stand out at the shooting range using a masterpiece of design and performance. The Furiosa combines both style and performance in a unique way.

The superb quality of this chassis sets it apart from the cookie-cutter type chassis on the market. You deserve better, and it’s time to own something superior to the others.

Furiosa is compatible with Remigton, Savage, Tikka, Sauer, Bergara, Defiance, Kelbly, Bat Machine, Bighorn Arms and others Rem700 clones.

Due to the high demand of our crafted quality rifle chassis, consider ETA = 4/5 weeks from Order date. 5 weeks for the Micarta upgraded version
• With Rem700 DBM models & custom actions (both RH and LH) Hawkins M5 Style Bottom Metal is included in the price.


Furiosa Chassis Details

TYPE HAND Right-handed / Left-Handed
COLOR OPTIONS Walnut / Midnight Grey / Micarta Black
SIZES 30.9 – 31.8” or 78.5 – 81 cm
OAL 31" or 78.7 cm
LOP min 13“ 11/16 or 33.9 cm
LOP max 14“ 1/8 or 35.9 cm
WEIGHT 4.8 lbs or 2.19 kg
Furiosa Micarta: 5.0 lbs



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