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Welcome to the new store!

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Suarez International is proud to release a new shopping experience for our customers!

Previously we sold products, gear, and Suarez-branded items under the "OneSource Tactical" name. We then sold our firearms classes under "Suarez International Store".

This was always a little awkward. Customers could not log in with the same username and password on both stores, or buy a class and gear at the same time. We even had customers confused why their login didn't work, only to realize they had registered on one store but not the other!

We have migrated to this new shopping cart platform which will have many more benefits and features for shoppers. We are also combining the gear store and the training store into the same experience so that you will only have one user account for all Suarez products and services. Finally, we are at home under the plain "suarezinternational.com" domain name where we belong!

We wanted to release this experience as soon as possible for the holiday season, but please bear with us as we continue to edit and design the store and implement features over time. You may see problems with products or other details.

As a customer, you will need to create a new password for your account, since passwords cannot be passed around different platforms. You will also lose your prior order history. Again this is a limitation of how much data we can reasonably move between platforms.

We appreciate your patience if you come across any bugs or oddities. Please don't hesitate to email using any of the contact methods found on the site, to report any issues or bugs, or even to ask if we can implement a new feature!

Thanks for being awesome and I hope you enjoy the new cart!


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