PRECAUTIONS: Always be certain your firearm is UNLOADED before performing any assembly, disassembly, or cleaning. Always wear high-quality eye protection. Do not attempt to use your firearm if you are in any way uncertain that it is functioning properly. Failure to follow these precautions may result in accidental discharge, firearm damage, or serious bodily injury to you and/or others. If you are uncertain as to whether you possess the proper knowledge, skills, or tools required for this or any other installation, please refer to a professional gunsmith.


Your Suarez Match Grade Slide has been specifically designed to have tighter tolerances. Tighter tolerances are instrumental in improving the accuracy of your firearm. As such, your slide will require a Break-In period.

Here are some things you can do when you take your slide to the range for the first time to ensure the most productive trip possible:

1)   Inspect your Glock OEM Frame and make certain it is in good working condition and does not show any signs of severe wear. (Please note that your Suarez Match Grade Slide was engineered to provide superior performance with Glock OEM Frames. We CAN NOT guarantee the proper function or accuracy of the Suarez Match Grade Slide with any other manufacturer’s after-market frames.)

2)   Verify that all the internals in the slide and the frame (including springs) are either Glock OEM or Suarez International parts. (Again, we CAN NOT guarantee proper function or accuracy with any other manufacturer’s internal parts or springs.) Inspect all internal parts for any signs of wear or damage. Worn or damaged parts will need to be replaced in order to ensure safe, reliable operation of your firearm.

3)   Make sure to use a good quality gun oil (we recommend Rand CLP, Slip2000, or Lucas Extreme) on the slide and barrel. Remember! Our slides are held to tighter tolerances, adequate lubrication is a necessary part of the initial break in period.

4)   Your Suarez Match Grade Slide is a High Quality Product. Feed it the proper ammo! Always use good quality, full power ammunition. Due to tighter tolerances, we CAN NOT guarantee function with reloaded ammo, remanufactured ammo, ammo that uses a material other than brass for the shell casing, or budget ammo. *

5)   Plan on running at least 100 rounds of ammunition through your firearm and applying lube often during the initial break-in period.

6) If you purchased a slide with a surface treatment finish such as Cerakote or NP3(TM) expect to have a longer break-in period, as these type of finishes will add to our already tighter than factory tolerances.

7)   If WE did not install your Trijicon RMR for you, make certain you did not use the screws which came with the RMR. Those screws are too long and will interfere with feeding and ejection. The screws that WE provide are the proper length for this application.


* We recommend using brass cased ammunition from the following manufacturers: For Non-Comp Model Slides: Federal , CCI, Speer, Sellier & Bellot, Magtech, PMC

For Comp Model Slides: +P 124gr or 9mm NATO