Suarez Slide Installation

Our slides are precision made components That exceed the quality and tolerances of the factory side that came on your pistol. It has been specifically made to work with a red dot system. All our complete slides are function tested by our gunsmith and armorer staff prior to shipping.

If you ordered your slide stripped, it is imperative you use our slide internals, or factory Glock internals. We cannot guarantee that aftermarket internals will work.

It is imperative that you use the short screws that came with your slide to mount your RMR. If you use the longer screws that come with the Trijicon RMR, the longer screw will bind the extractor plunger unit on the ejection port side and create malfunctions galore. Save yourself a headache and use the short screws. And use some BLUE Loctitie on the screws, and the sealing plate we sell, when installing the RMR.

There is no need for an engineering degree when installing the red dot. Use Blue Loctite on the short screws and tighten manually with a small allen wrench. Let the loctite cure for a few hours and off you go.

Points of note:

1) The slide and barrel (if you got them both) are made to tighter tolerances, just like a match quality 1911 slide, and will require some break in period with quality ammunition. A couple hundred rounds should mate all the surfaces well enough.

2) The Glock frame is a polymer unit and will wear with repeated and extended years of shooting. We have seen frames with loose locking blocks from hundreds of thousands of rounds, or as few as a few hundred rounds. Most notably on the older Gen 1 and Gen 2 frames. If you are using a brand new slide on an old worn out frame, the first thing to look for is how the frame parts sit in the frame.

3) Just like you would not complain that your Ferrari does not run well with Tijuana Octane gasoline, please don't complain that your Suarez slide doesn't shoot accurately with your buddy's reloads from the gun show. Use quality ammunition and get quality results.

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