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The mission of Suarez International USA, Inc. (Suarez) is to provide our customers, students, and forum participants with the best customer service and quality products while supporting an avenue for the exchange of the highest level of reality-based training information possible. To help us achieve this mission, we have posted our terms and conditions, which we strictly adhere to.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these policies, as well as how they may relate to you and your particular situation, please contact us.


All orders are charged when they are received, regardless of lead times.

New Customers – In an effort to curtail fraudulent purchases, Suarez has instituted a new policy. New customers must use the same billing and shipping addresses. If you DO place an order with a different shipping address, please explain the reason for the request in the notes section of your order. You will be contacted by our Customer Service Department to verify the validity of your order and review your payment information for correctness before your order will be released for processing. If you cannot provide proof that you are the cardholder and that you have a legitimate reason for using a separate shipping address, your order will be cancelled.

Also, for protection against fraudulent orders, it is against our policy to change your shipping address after an order has been placed and approved by our system. The changing of shipping addresses after ordering is a very common Fraud Tactic. Please be sure of your shipping address and that it will not be changing soon prior to placing your order. Should you need to change your shipping address after you order, please be prepared to prove that you have a legitimate reason for using a separate shipping address.


Our shipping rates come directly from a portal connection with both USPS and UPS. We do NOT make a profit on shipping charges. If an additional fee has been added to your order, it is most likely Insurance for either high dollar, easily damaged, or for items that are often the target of package theft.

If you do NOT want insurance charges added to your order, you will need to put the following statement in the Notes Section of your order: I DO NOT WANT MY PACKAGE TO BE INSURED AND I EXCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY LOSS, THEFT, OR DAMAGE RELATED TO THE DELIVERY OF MY ORDER. Insurance charges will be removed prior to charging your card.

Shipping selection guarantees that we will ship your item by your selected method when your order is complete!

Shipping costs are based on the volume and weight of the package, not its dollar value. Many products have been selected by Suarez International to ship via First Class US Mail. Suarez International reserves the right to determine the best shipping method to use in some circumstances, including orders that qualify for free shipping.


During times of High order volume, products may take several days to leave our facility.

We do keep most items in stock, but we cannot possibly stock everything in our catalog. Some of our products are stored at a remote warehouse, but those items are transferred in several times a week and should add no great delay to the shipping of your order.

Custom gunsmithing, milling services, custom assembled products, finishes and engraving are all performed AFTER your order is placed with us. See each individual product description for the expected lead time on these types of items or contact us for an estimated ETA. Please note that, If your product requires more than one custom service, the expected lead times for each service will apply.

In the event of any unexpected delays with item(s) in your order, we will email you to advise you of the length of delay expected and offer you the opportunity to either wait, cancel, or substitute other product(s). ETA’s given on items not in stock are subject to change depending on manufacturer, back-orders, allocations, delays, quality control failures, etc. We cannot be held responsible for longer than expected ETA’s on ordered items.

We are closed on the weekends so our employees can spend quality time with their families. Sorry. We are NOT Amazon. (Nor do you want us to be!) Orders placed after hours on Friday or over the weekend will be worked on in the order they were received on Monday. And yes, Mondays do get rather busy around here! Please don’t place your order over the weekend and ask for tracking numbers on Monday. Aint happening!


Please read the Shipping Policy for information about FFL controlled orders.

We understand that you may not have chosen an FFL Dealer to have your FFL Controlled Order shipped to when you originally place your order. Please use your own address as usual and have your FFL Dealer send us their Certification as soon as possible. We will modify your order to include the FFL Dealer’s name and address for shipping purposes.

Please have your FFL Dealer send us a copy of their Certification EVERY TIME YOU ORDER A FIREARM. We are required to check their certification every time we ship. Your FFL Dealer may use the Contact Us pages of our website to send us a copy of their valid and current certification, or they may FAX it to 928-776-0515.

CALIFORNIA – No Pistol Frame Only or Receiver Only Sales. If you are in California, your order will be canceled. Don’t blame us. Take it up with your State. Complete Pistols may be legal, however, depending on how they are configured. YOUR FFL DEALER WILL KNOW WHAT YOU CAN OR CANNOT HAVE SHIPPED TO THEM.


Once orders are placed and begin the process of being filled, they may not be changed or cancelled for any reason. Our system does not save your credit card information and does not allow us to add to existing orders. If you forgot to order an item, please place a NEW order. You may add notes to the new order requesting that we combine your orders. We will make every effort to comply with your request and will adjust shipping charges whenever possible.

Note that Returns or Cancellations are not allowed on all Firearms, Slides, Custom Products, or Services. Custom Products include any product that is assembled, built, or finished according to the options you have chosen. Such options include, but are not limited to size, color, configuration or attachments. Please be sure BEFORE you order as THESE SALES ARE FINAL AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.

IMPORTANT: Suarez Products are engineered and manufactured specifically to work optimally with both Glock OEM Products and with other Suarez Products. We cannot guarantee safe, reliable performance with any other companies’ after-market products. If you install Suarez Products along with other after-market products and find that they do not function properly together, it does not mean there is anything wrong with our product(s), simply that the specs and design of your other after-market products do not align optimally with the specs and design of our quality engineered product(s). Remember - once any parts are installed on a weapon, they are non-returnable, so consider your purchase carefully if you intend to use Suarez products with other manufacturers’ products.

Requests for return must be made within TEN DAYS OF PURCHASE. Please inspect your items timely. The items must be in New, Re-Sellable Condition. Your return will be inspected prior to the issuing of any refund or replacement. Once any parts are installed on a weapon, they are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Unless it is determined that the product is defective, Closeout Items are NOT eligible for return or refund.

Items returned for other than defect, warranty, or any error made on our part, as well as cancellations by buyer, are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Refusal to accept warranty repair or replacement of Suarez parts constitutes acceptance of this fee.  We have devoted time and resources to filling your order as well as having incurred Credit Card Processing fees associated with your order. If you ordered incorrectly, have simply changed your mind, or simply do not like the product, it is only fair that we recoup some of our costs associated with your purchase.   Note: We do not refund original shipping costs or return shipping.  ALL refunds are subject to the 6% Credit Card fee charged by the credit companies.



Should you decide you would like to return eligible items for replacement, substitution, or for refund, please contact our Customer Service Department within 10 Days of Purchase in order to obtain 1) a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and 2) A Customer Return Agreement.

RMA’s DO EXPIRE. Please ship your return back to us by the expiration date listed on your Return Agreement. All returns must have the RMA # clearly marked on the outside of the shipping container and must be accompanied by a Signed Customer Return Agreement. Returns that are NOT accompanied by the signed Customer Return Agreement will be held without inspection until the signed agreement is received. Payment for return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser will also be responsible for any additional shipping charges related to reshipping for any replacement or substitution product(s).

All returns will be inspected prior to replacement, substitution or refund. Clearance and Closeout items are not eligible for refund.  You will be notified of any reshipments when they occur. If you are returning product(s) for refund, please not that it may take several business days for your refund to appear at your bank. If you are returning product(s) for replacement or substitution, you will be contacted for your card information to cover differences in price (if any) and for re-shipment shipping costs.



If you are having any issues or problems with your product(s) please contact our Customer Service Department and we will do everything in our power to help you resolve and correct these problems as quickly as possible. Our Representatives with ask you questions and work with you to determine if the problems you are having are related to installation error, conflicting issues with other aftermarket parts, or other conditions that may not be related to the proper operation of our products.

If our Customer Service Representative cannot help you to resolve problems over the phone, and determines that you MIGHT be experiencing warranty or defect issues, you will be issued an RMA# and sent a Customer Return Agreement. The signed Customer Return Agreement MUST accompany your return.

Upon receipt of your return, our technicians will make a full review of the product(s) and you will be contacted with our findings. If the problem is determined to be caused by defect or error on our part, we will take steps to either repair the problem or provide a working replacement product as quickly as possible.

If the issues you are having are determined to NOT be caused by defect or error on our part, you will be contacted by our Customer Service Department to discuss what will be needed to resolve the problem, including the cost of any bench time or parts required to solve the issues you have been having. You may, of course, opt to not have your problem repaired by us, but you will be required to pay for all applicable shipping and insurance charges associated with returning your product(s) to you.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot in good conscious return any Firearm, Slide, or other products to you that are determined to be in any way unsafe to operate. If it is determined that the Firearm, Slide, or Parts are in any way unsafe, we will work with you to rectifying the issue(s) prior to returning them to you.


Suarez does not warranty any products manufactured by other companies. Any issues with such products must be handled through the manufacturer and will be subject to their individual warranties.

Suarez International warrants its products free of manufacturing defects for one year to the original buyer only. This does not include damage due to normal wear, unreasonable use or abuse, carelessness, installation by untrained or unqualified personnel, conflict with other companies’ after-market parts, or user modification. The warranty does not apply to reliability issues with low powered or reloaded ammunition. Suarez pistol parts are designed for use with Suarez or Glock factory components ONLY and must be installed by qualified gunsmiths.

If your Suarez product(s) were purchased from a third party, please verify that they are an authorized dealer of Suarez products. Warranty is only valid on purchases from Suarez directly, or from authorized dealers.

Suarez Products are engineered and manufactured to work optimally with other Suarez Products and with Glock OEM Products. We cannot guarantee safe, reliable performance with other companies’ after-market products. USE WITH OTHER THAN SUAREZ OR GLOCK FACTORY COMPONENTS WILL VOID OUR WARRANTY.



We at Suarez desire to create and maintain a healthy productive relationship with all our customers. As such, we will do everything in our power to resolve any conflicts or problems which may arise quickly and professionally.

Please use the above Terms and Conditions above as a guideline for what you can expect from us and for what we, as a provider of quality products and services, can expect from you.

We really do deserve the same consideration and respect as you do. Any customers who refuse to work with us to resolve problems with their order(s) and chooses to use Charge-backs as their first course of action will be fired. You are welcome to shop elsewhere. We do not want – nor do we need – your patronage.


All Suarez manufactured or represented parts and products are designed with the intention of being installed by a professional gunsmith. Always be certain your firearm is UNLOADED before performing any assembly, disassembly, or cleaning functions. To prevent injury, always wear high-quality eye safety glasses and make proper use of tools when installing or fitting parts. Do not attempt to use your firearm if you are in any way uncertain that it is functioning properly. Failure to follow these precautionary procedures may result in accidental discharge, firearm damage, or serious bodily injury to you and/or to others. If you are uncertain as to whether you possess the proper knowledge, skills, or tools required for any other installation, please refer to a professional gunsmith.


“GLOCK” is a Federally registered trademark of GLOCK, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges,mbH. Suarez International USA, Inc. is NOT affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges.mbH. The use of “Glock” on our website(s), shopping cart, or literature is merely to advertise the sale of GLOCK pistols, parts, or components. For genuine GLOCK, Inc. and GLOCK Ges.mbH products and parts, visit

“RMR” is a registered trademark of Trijicon, Inc. An RMR is a red dot sight made by Trijicon. Other red dot sights cannot be substituted on any product that states it is manufactured for use with Trijicon RMR.

Suarez reserves the right to change our course fees, prices, payment, refund and cancellation policies to fit our needs and the needs of our customers at any time.

Our products, training, and written materials are presented for lawful information purposes only, and without any intent that the matter will be used by anyone for unlawful purposes.


Our policies with regards to customer cancellations are in place to protect our interests and to deter costly last-minute cancellations. If you DO have a personal emergency, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do everything within our power to work with you and facilitate your attendance.

Cancellation Policy - Standard Classes


AT LEAST 60 DAYS prior to a class and customer has paid in full, customer will receive 100% In-House CREDIT towards any future Suarez International Training Course or store products.

LESS THAN 60 DAYS BUT MORE THAN 30 DAYS prior to a class, customer will receive 100% In-House CREDIT towards any future Suarez International Training Course or 50% toward store products.

30 DAYS OR LESS prior to a class, NO REFUND will be given. Alternately, a 25% In-House Credit can be held towards future Suarez International Training Courses.


NOTE: In-House Credits for training will be held for 1 year from the date of issue unless other arrangements have been made for the redemption of credit. Only 1 transfer allowed per original course fee(s) paid. If another cancellation is made for attendance in a class in which an existing In-House Credit was used, the entire Credit will be forfeited.


We will conduct our training under any conditions (heat, cold, wet, muddy – whatever). We will not cancel a class on account of inclement weather, so please do not call and ask for a refund because the weather conditions are not to your liking. We will be there, and we expect you to be there as well. If the weather becomes untenable or unsafe (tornado conditions, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.), the instructor will make the call with regards to any cancellation or postponement of the class.


We will do everything in our power to ensure the class goes on as scheduled, however, we reserve the right to postpone classes, substitute instructors, or change the venue of the scheduled training course if absolutely necessary and unavoidable. In such cases, we will provide adequate notice of this and/or the new course dates or location as soon as possible.

If a class must be canceled without being rescheduled, a full refund will be issued to the enrollees or an offer will be given for vouchers of equal or greater value.

In the event of an act of war or terror, unavailability of air travel due to natural disaster or terror, or air travel delays due to terror, natural disasters, or political unrest, airline strikes, or any other reason or occurrence outside our control that causes the instructor not to be able to travel or for any reason causes the unexpected postponement of the course, a full credit voucher will be issued equal to the course fee. This voucher shall not have an expiration date. There will be no refunds issued in these extreme cases.


We do not allow any video to be shot at any Suarez class or event except by Suarez staff or principals, or unless express permission has been granted. We have a number of excellent DVDs available for purchase that cover the points discussed in class, if you wish to have a video notebook of what we did in training.


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