Police and Military Discounts

We are often asked if we offer police and military discounts. The answer is "it depends". Most of the staff is prior military or police, so we know the story. We certainly want to help the good guys in their unceasing fight against evil, but at the end of the day we need to make a profit.

If you are buying a small item on which there is little profit, the answer is "no". Any soldier or police officer can afford these things.

If you are buying a high dollar item for yourself, such as a custom slide or rifle - something in excess of a thousand dollars for example - we can work with you. The price for whatever discount we may offer is a quality photo of you specifically (and officially) using our gear in uniform.

If you are buying in numbers for an agency or a unit (more than one), we can work with you.

Otherwise, sorry...we are already competitively priced on all our high quality items.


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