Tac-14 Plus One Magazine Extension Installation


1).  As usual…be sure the shotgun is fully unloaded.

2).  Before installing any magazine tube extension kit, you must first remove the gun’s magazine cap (or extension), spring retainer, magazine spring, follower, and magazine plug (if present).

If the gun has dimples in the magazine tube, these will have to be drilled or pressed out for the extension to have its full capacity. More on that later. A dimpled shotgun will not accept any magazine extension.

3).  To install the Suarez Plus One magazine extension tube, ensure that the barrel is properly seated in the receiver, and insert the Suarez Follower and spring into the magazine tube. Place the extension over the end of the spring, make sure the sling plate is properly aligned with the barrel, then thread the extension onto the magazine tube. Finally, tighten the extension down firmly against the barrel guide ring.

4).   If your barrel has a magazine cap detent in its guide ring, you can use the extension as is. If your barrel does not magazine cap detent in its guide ring, you will need to use the retaining wave washer that is also included in the kit.

5). There are two methods to remove the dimples on the magazine tube:

The simplest for the home installation is to drill them out using dremel tool. Drill out the dimples. You will have two small holes in magazine tube. The holes will not affect anything nor even be seen once the shotgun has been assembled.          

The second method is via a special tool available to most gunsmiths for that specific function.

6). If in doubt about this installation, please consult a skilled gunsmith.