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Our high-end aftermarket triggers are built to exceed competition and performance tolerances. They come in three models, the "Tactical" and "Patrol" versions, and the newest version, The "Semi-Flat" version. The Suarez Tactical trigger models feature reduced take up and mimic a 1911 trigger in minimal pre-travel and crisp break. Our Patrol models feature a two-stage feel - cleaner break than the Glock factory but retain the pre-travel of the factory trigger. The Semi-Flat has the same take-up as the factory trigger but a slightly longer reach and a slight curve to the flat face.

"I received my new patrol trigger the other day and I love it. I chose this trigger because the price was about half of what I found from other companies and the quality is on par or better than other triggers I have found. Thank you for making quality products at a fair price. Cameron A"

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