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During the last year, working with competitive shooters, being involved with and competing ourselves, we've developed and are excited to bring you our newest grip-enhancing stippling package. With this new package, we layer in additional polymer to build palm swells into the frame.  Inspired by the LOK Grips that we offer and use on our personal CZ firearms, the palm swell enhancement offers more control of the firearm for follow-up shots and less hand fatigue at the end of the day, by bringing a "locking" surface into the palms of your hand instead of simply relying on finger strength as the main control point of your grip allowing you to lock the frame not only into your strong hand, but also your support hand. 

This package has all the offerings of our standard "Get A Grip" package and can be installed in your Glock, CZ, HK, Sig, Ruger, Springfield, etc polymer frames.  There are a couple exceptions, if you have an M&P, PDP, or something with a rubberized backstrap, this will not work with your frame as the polymer will not bond with the rubber.  Other than that, as long as its a serialized polymer frame, and not a rubberized texture from the factory, we'll get the grip-work done for you.  Only thing we need from you is your frame and 1 empty magazine.  The empty magazine is to ensure that your frame will not suffer any polymer shrinkage when we work on the frame.

You'll get framework at the lowest price we've ever offered with the options for undercuts and other "add-on" work at no additional charge.




  • SINGLE UNDERCUT - The single undercut is a near must-have for almost all polymer pistols out there.  We open up the area underneath the trigger guard, and bevel it to not only give your middle finger relief, but also to allow you to get higher up on the pistol grip bringing your hand closer to the bore line and giving you more control over the pistol in order to help reduce muzzle flip.
  • SECOND UNDERCUT - The second undercut does not include the SINGLE UNDERCUT.  We undercut to the central area of the trigger guard in order to give your support hand a consistent resting point in the frame when shooting two handed.  This second undercut can be left textured or untextured.
  • DOUBLE UNDERCUT - The double undercut includes the SINGLE UNDERCUT along with a secondary undercut to the central area of the trigger guard in order to give your support hand a consistent resting point in the frame when shooting two handed.  This second undercut can be left textured or untextured.
  • LIMITATIONS - DOUBLE and SECOND UNDERCUTS are limited to compact and full size frames.  Due to available material, safety and liability reasons, these cuts cannot be performed on Glock 42, 43, 43X, or 48 models, SIG P365 or 365XL models or Springfield Hellcat models.
  • CONSIDERATIONS - If using a trigger guard mounted weapon light/laser, such as a Streamlighte TLR-6, please consider sending it with the firearms, so that we can contour any undercuts to meet the unit without creating any gaps between the frame and unit.
  • No rubberized frames, ie SCCY.  Due to the rubberized outer layer, these frames do not take stippling patterns that would allow for grip enhancement or the addition of extra material.


  • The mag release "scallop" removes material leading to the mag release to give a tangible pathway to the mag release as well as it may provide ease of use for people who struggle to operate the release with their thumbs due to reach issues.
  • LIMITATIONS - This modification can only be done to frames with a one way release, such as Gen 1-3 Glocks, that are neither ambi or sid-swappable.  Because ambi and side-swappable releases require a material shelf to maintain positioning, material should not be removed around these style of releases.


  • We refer to the areas of the frame above and forward of the trigger as index points.  Recently, more manufacturers have started adding factory texture to these areas, but there are many pistols still produced without it.  We offer texturing of these areas on single sides, left or right or both sides.  The right side would give a textured area for the right index finger of a right-handed shooter, or support thumb of a left-handed shooter.  The left side, would give a textured area for the support thumb of a right-handed shooter, or left index finger of a left-handed shooter.  Having both sides done would give the user index points on the frame for both their trigger finger and support thumb.


  • Modifying the frame circumference can make all the difference in the world to the individual shooter, creating a better fit and allowing the shooter to run the firearm for longer periods of time due to less fatigue from over-gripping to compensate for an ill-fitting frame.
  • GRIP REDUCTION - grip reductions can be very popular for people with smaller hands, making a gun that's oversized from the factory easier to wield and control.  If your pistol has finger grooves, you may consider removal, of the finger grooves as this can significantly reduce the circumference of the frame, especially on Glock pistols.
  • GRIP INCREASE - opposite the grip reduction, but no less true to purpose, increasing the grip circumference is there to help those blessed with meat paws.  Much like reducing the grip helps folks with smaller hands maintain control of the pistol without death-gripping it, increasing does the same for those who would otherwise feel like a full size pistol is a toy in their hands.


  • Finger grooves are put in place by the manufacturer so that you can hold the gun where they think you should, based on whoever had their hands on it during development.  The problem is, that doesn't work out for everyone, where it be due to hand size, finger size, arthritis or whatever.  If you have finger grooves on your pistol and don't like em, we can solve that particular issue and blend everything down to look stock.
  • LEAVE EM AS IS - if you don't mind or prefer the finger grooves, or don't have them to begin with, this is the option for you.
  • FIRST GROOVE MODIFICATION - in this modification, we remove the lower groove while leaving the upper groove for your middle finger.  We have found that this helps [us] with indexing cleaner holster draws under stress, and finding a proper grip faster from the holster, by creating a "cradle" for your grip between the thumb and middle finger, where your grip is at its strongest.  This modification can also be done to help taper down the overall circumference of the grip.
  • REMOVE FINGER GROOVES - pretty self explanatory, if you've got 'em and don't want 'em, we get rid of 'em.  This modification can greatly help reduce circumference if desired, but more importantly, allows you to place your hand where you want on the frame, not where the manufacturer says you should.


  • if you are sending us a frame that is currently coated in CERAKOTE, DURACOTE, ALUMAHYDE or another similarly paint based coating product, we will collect an additional $60 labor charge, as it's a good deal more work from us to remove the coating from the area to be stippled.  On the plus side you'll get your frame back in a sweet looking 2-tone.

This is a Custom Product. All Gunsmithing, Assembly and Finishes are performed AFTER your order is placed with us. Lead times depend on when your order gets into our production schedule, current volume of custom orders, what options or services you have chosen, and the current workload of our gunsmith. Custom orders are worked on in the order they were received.


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