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Designed as a super compact compensator for the new generation of smaller pistols, yet just as home on a full sized duty weapon.  The SUAREZ READY COMP is not much larger than a typical thread protector, yet it reduces recoil and muzzle flip dramatically for its size.  It is easily installed and removed by the end user and allows you to switch from Compensated to Sound Suppressed shooting at you ease.  The single port is timed to sit at top center of the barrel thus reducing recoil even more than previous versions.

One inch long, made from hardened American Steel, and melonite finished by tattooed retired gunfighters in the Free State of Arizona



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    Excellent soften the recoil an pushed the noise foward

    Posted by Robert w ruiter on Dec 6th 2023

    Five ?

  • 5
    Suarez Ready Comp

    Posted by Timothy Tyrpak on Nov 24th 2023

    The Suarez Ready Comps are jolly good. They're just a bit smaller overall, with a smaller exit bore, than competitor's micro comps I have used, and they mitigate muzzle flip much more than the slightly larger versions. I was very pleasantly surprised by this Ready Comp's performance while at the range. Shooting a G19 with a Suarez Ready Comp installed makes it feel like you're shooting a G17 - it's that good. It really is a great mini compensator. Buy one and you'll know exactly what I'm on about. Thanks for another great product Suarez International!

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    I love the suarez ready comp

    Posted by Jim tomboc castanaga on Nov 18th 2023

    I bought this ready conp before for my older grey ghost precision threaded glock 17 gen 3 barrel and I like it alot for carry purposes. I would say easily takes away 15% of recoil against bare muzzle. Threads well to my aim surplus premium glock 19 threaded barrel. I own three of these, now. Looks great and machined well.

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    Suarez Ready Comps

    Posted by Timothy Tyrpak on Nov 18th 2023

    These micro compensators from Suarez are just fantastic. They aid in mitigating muzzle flip MUCH more than their petite size suggests. Because I like me some threaded and compensated barrels, I went ahead and bought a whole bunch - some for current and some for future barrels. If you're on the fence, buy a couple (if I haven't bought them all). You'll be glad you did. Happy shooting.

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    Nice micfo comp

    Posted by Tomas Ponce on Oct 7th 2023

    This stays on while shooting. It gives a slight improvement in mussel flip. Got it on clearance price so great deal!

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    Tiny cheap effective comp

    Posted by G.R. on Sep 10th 2023

    I put this on a Ruger PCC because I wanted to keep the barrel short for indoors potential. It definitely makes a nice little bump in recoil mitigation while adding virtually no length to the barrel. I imagine it would do quite well on a threaded Glock, too, works great, looks good, and the price is right! I am well satisfied.